August 15, 2007

The effects of the internet

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At least the internet is good for something.

Well it’s good for lots of things, but this things is an out-and-out good thing, not a bad thing wrapped in good things clothes. It’s good for the consumer anyway, although probably makes the local networks just that little bit more nervious.

Okay so you’ve got this far and you’re thinking what am i talking about? Well you know how in the past we’ve had to put up with receiving American (and British) television shows anywhere between 6 months and 2 years after they’ve screened in the US. Well this is generally because the local networks here want to see how they fare over a whole season (or two) before opening up their wallets. So we get used to being at least 6 months behind American TV (and everything else sometimes it seems).

Enter internet. Anyone remember trying to avoid hearing the result of Survivor and you get on the net and there it is splashed across everywhere ‘Richard Hatch wins Survivor’ or somebody spoiling the ending to Seinfeld etc etc. This is has been extremely irritating for a little while now. Thanks but no thanks Mr. Internet!

Richard Hatch wins Survivor

Well it’s taken a while but we’re finally seeing some faster internet down here, which also means we’re seeing more streaming content, which means we have access to television over the net – although not quite totally legally yet. But the networks don’t like this and so what do we get? American programs down here within days of them being broadcast in the states. House, Heroes, Prison Break will follow the trend of the OC and the current Survivor and will be seen almost at the same time as our North American cousins.


So what does this mean for Aussie viewers? Less chance of seeing endings of our fave programs spoilt on the internet and less waiting time from seeing the programs on ET and actually airing on our screens.

What does this mean for networks? They’re going to have to take a little bit more of a risk with US programs and cop it on the chin when some flop.

What do I predict? We’re going to get some really good late night viewing. A few of these new American programs eg Life, Californication, will undoubtedly flop and the networks will end up screening them just before (or after) Letterman. Torchwood, The Office anyone?

The Office

Set your alarm clocks kids, you’re gonna need them.


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