August 14, 2007

The totally (un)complicated Sunday arvo AFL game

Posted in Seven Network at 9:04 pm by Give Me The Remote

So there’s this little game that I’ve been playing every week for a little while now.. it’s a bit of fun. Well… Sunday afternoon nothing to do kind of fun. 

Okay so this is how it works.. now I’ll try and spell out the rules slowly so its easy to understand.

This is what you need:

  • Television turned to Channel 7 at about 5:55pm on Sunday afternoon.

The rules:

  1. Guess how long after the final siren the channel 7 telecast will end. (hint: under 10 seconds)
  2. Count how long after the final siren the channel 7 telecast ends.
  3. Calculate difference.

Bruce McAvaney
Bruce McAvaney calculates his score. 

So.. what’s the point of me telling you about this little game that I play to amuse myself? Just to point out the complete lack of post game that channel 7 delivers. I know that nobody really watches these matches and that 7 pretty much bought the rights just for the coveted Friday night games, but for those of us who do choose to watch Sunday football.. some respect? An interview or two, quick wrap up, hear the boys sing the song (just like Australiain Idol), check out the ladder, is it too hard? Apparently so.


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