August 14, 2007

Channel 10 is (over)killing me

Posted in Network Ten at 5:46 pm by Give Me The Remote

Okay, so I reckon enough is enough. I’ve read articles and articles on the unimagination of television networks and I understand that they are a business afterall and are all about reducing risk. But channel 10, channel 10, channel 10. Yes that’s what it feels like..

So big brother finished the other week. Did anybody notice? We all pretend not to care. But the fact is that I care. I care because it has freed up half a weeks worth of primetime tv slots. This is great news. We might get some variation instead of watching people sit in a house every single night for hours on end.

But I digress, because this is not (just) about big brother. So the show ends (yay) and I’m thinking ‘yes! we’re going to get some new (hopefully good) stuff to watch’. So I’m looking at the TV guide today, from 6pm to 8:30pm (minus neighbours at 6:30) are 3 episodes of simpsons and an episode of futurama. This happens twice a week (tuesday and thursday) and on the other days we just get one episode of each.

So I’d like to put this on the table to channel 10 – I DO NOT WANT TO WATCH 15 MATT GROENING TV SHOW EPISODES EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Please tell me I’m not alone..

.. please.

(and please don’t kill me simpsons lovers)


Aren’t I clever? See what I did with the ten logo? See? See? I made a word using ‘ten’. Took me aaages. But good isn’t it!


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