August 13, 2007

No way… he’s having ANOTHER GO!!

Posted in Advertisements at 5:01 pm by Give Me The Remote

Definitely my favourite advertisement right now is this little beauty from Kellogg’s promoting its Sustain cereal.

Kellogg’s Sustain - Street Race

I’ve been thinking about why I like this spot so much.. I reckon it’s because it excites the inner child inside of me, the one that wants my life to be spontaneous and a little less .. average.

Kellogg’s Sustain - Street Race

So basically the plot of the ad is that randomly at some point in a fairly mundane time and place, all of a sudden these two dudes start racing. Where to? and why exactly are they doing this? Who cares. But it’s on for young and old!

Kellogg’s Sustain - Street Race

Maybe if I’d eaten Sustain cereal this morning, then my walk to the train station may have been a bit like this. Is Kellogg’s really just poking a bit of fun whilst showing that the Sustain eating guy wins.. or are they trying to influence social behaviour – loosen your tie and have some fun; live a little. Stop trying to suppress the 10 year old inside of you and just do it. No wait, wrong company. Similar vein in their ads though. and milo as well (kick to kick anyone?). Basically we’re being told to stop being so boring and have a bit of fun.

Kellogg’s Sustain - Street Race

So, next time you’re in the city walking alongside a fit looking person (but not too fit, you need to beat them) just start running and see if they follow suit.

 .. they won’t. But it’s still a nice pipe dream and a good ad.

Check out the ad:


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